Best Sportswear Online Shops in the UK

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Your favourite leggings or running shoes are damaged and you need a replacement as soon as possible to keep up with your exercise routine. But there’s a pandemic ravaging the globe and you don’t have time to traipse the fashion high street. Most of Brits are in such a shopping conundrum—and some of the best clothing online shops in the UK offer us a safer, more convenient, and honestly more enthralling solution.

For lack of a better reference, online shops are like the ‘Charming Princes in Shining Armour’ for consumers in the current difficult times. Whether it’s a chic festival outfit or high-quality athleisure attires, online is the unequivocally the smart way to shop for clothes in the UK.

The only hiccup you might face while shopping for clothes online is the plethora of overwhelming choices as more and more retailers battle it out for a share of the online retail pie. But we have that covered.

Read on for a carefully curated list of the best clothing online shops in the UK to ease your browsing hassle. All shops listed below are legitimate, user-friendly, high-quality, and they boast of a seamless user experience.


If luxury and posh attires are not your cup of tea, then logging in to should be a no-brainer. The online store has built quite the reputation for their top-of-the-range technical athletic apparel. As long as you have the quid to foot their relatively high prices, it’s an ideal store for both men and women to update their sportswear for sweaty pursuits such as training running, HIIT workouts, and yoga.

The website has mobile-friendly functionality, easy navigation of the well-separated categories, excellent speed performance, multiple payment options, and an express checkout process to cap off the seamless shopping experience. We particularly liked the “search by activity” functionality that allows you to quickly narrow down to clothing items that actually meet your specific needs.

An interesting feature of the UK clothing online shop is a ‘Community’ section that elevates Lululemon from merely a retailer to a health and fitness partner. The section includes a meditation space, an online studio, a run space, a yoga space, and even a goal-setting workshop—all geared to keep accountable and motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle.


What do Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal, Kylian Mbappe, and Lebron James have in common—aside from their stardom as athletes? Well, they’re all sponsored by Nike. This is a testament to the brand’s influence in the sports industry and their dedication to standing out as the crème de la crème of sportswear. This alone is enough of a reason to shop at their UK online clothing store—but there’s more.

Few clothing company logos as iconic as Nike’s “swoosh” and sporting one of their branded attires is always a sought-after fashion experience. The online store features tons of high-quality shoes and clothing for the whole family—from hoodies, tracksuit, backpacks, Jordans, to leggings.

The website is eye candy of artistic and high-res visual elements that showcase the products. This, combined with a minimalistic modern design makes navigation a breeze. There are several shopping categories including the type of sport, on-sale items, bestsellers, top picks, collection, and trends, to name a few. If you don’t like you purchase for any reason, there’s a 60-day return policy to cater to your needs.

JD Sports

Which brand tickles your fancy? Nike? Adidas? Calvin Klein? Or are you more of a Converse guy? Whatever it is, JD Sports has you covered. The online retailer is known to regularly launch limited editions and exclusive designs from brands such as Reebok, Nike, and Adidas.

JD Sports offers one of the widest collection of items for the whole fam. Better yet, they don’t hold back when it comes to offers and discounts. It’s also worth noting that we thoroughly enjoyed reading through informative yet snappy blog posts that covered everything from promotional content to inspiring recommendations.

Their website design is rather unique and surprisingly easier to navigate that conventional online shops. There a panel on the left that allows you to filter your selection based on several factors—including categories (men, women, children), brand (a rather long list that we won’t mention here), exclusives, colour, price, and offer. This allows you to accurately narrow down to a specific product in a few clicks.


Did you know that Forbes recently dubbed Puma as one of the world’s fastest-growing sports apparel brands? And when a clothing line is thriving, you know that they’re doing something right.

Like Nike, Puma boasts of a ton of high-profile sponsorships with some of the biggest names in the sporting and fashion industry—including Rihanna, Neymar, Lewis Hamilton, Virat Kohli, and Usain Bolt, to name a few. These collaborations have seen them soar and adopt modern designs that are as aesthetically mouthwatering as they’re functional.

But to be honest, we felt strong ‘Nike vibes’ when browsing through Puma’s website—not that it’s a bad thing. The website design is strikingly similar to the categories and placement of elements. It also follows the same image-forward approach in showcasing their products.

And remember to subscribe to their newsletter for a 15% discount on your first order and access to exclusive events and special offers. Puma also offers a 60-day returns policy and free shipping for orders above £45.

New Balance

With over 100 years in the game, New Balance is a brand that knows how to survive by consistently producing clothing products that evolve with the trends and consumer tastes.

As one of the best online clothing shops in the UK, New Balance hosts a truckload of clothes options—including loungewear, running gear, hoodies, bags, and even accessories. They’re your one-stop-shop for time-proven, fashion-forward, and innovative activewear.

Their website is so clean and well-organized that it seems to calm you down—placing in the right mood to shop away at they competitively priced and quality products for men, women, and children.

If you’re a football fan, you might have noticed their logo on the jerseys of the EPL-winning Liverpool. While they’re not as active with sponsorships as some other competitors in this list, having a foot in the game is a perk.

Interestingly, New Balance offers free shipping and free returns on all orders. And these offers we accept with wide hands.

Sports Direct

Sports Direct is a behemoth in the UK’s fashion and fitness industry. Since their doors opened in 1982, the company has been on a mission to stand out as one of the best clothing brands in the UK and around the world.

Few online shops—if any—have a selection as diverse and wide as that seen on Sports Direct. To help you navigate the expansive website, you can shop by brand (classified in alphabet order), men’s wear (subdivided into subcategories), ladies’ wear, kids’ wear, accessories (including electronics, gaming consoles, fashion items, and even fragrance), and type of sports.

Whatever you need for your active lifestyle, it’s likely on Sports Direct. In addition to their selection, they also throw around attractive offers and promotions.


The first words that come to mind when describing Decathlon in; “Savings galore and Profoundly low prices!”  The UK online store is heaven-sent for consumers who looking for top-quality fitness clothes at a pocket-friendly price. But how is this possible? Affordable and high quality are two words that never seem to appear in the same sentence.

Well, it’s simple, Decathlon operates under a fully-integrated business model. This means that they manage their supply chain—from design, production, to distribution. The model translates to low margins from a lack of middlemen. They also don’t go overboard in their marketing efforts by sponsoring teams—instead opting to use the reduced costs to lower the prices of their products.

Their website is fast, responsive, and it has a modern feel. You’ll also notice that their products are highly detailed with catchy copy that just tempting. We liked their nutrition and body care section that gives them a humane side, which consumers always appreciate. No wonder they have a 4.3/5* rating on Trustpilot out of over 26,000 real user reviews.

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